Them feels…

"Hold out, my sweet"



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One of my favorite pictures I have from Idina’s Radio City Show!

I’m going to be posting a ton of pictures from her show and I would really appreciate the credit back to this blog or if its posted on instagram my name is @joannad629.

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Some highlights of Idina Menzel at her Radio City Music Hall concert on June 16th (Videos: x, x, x, x, x) (more)

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Beloved Disney Queen, Idina Menzel (x)

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The feels never cease.

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My favorite thing about New York City is if you’re alone and you’re having a bad day, that you can get out and walk amongst all the people, and somehow you can shed yourself of that tension and that anxiety and take yourself out of yourself and see all the magical beautiful people around you.


For now these are tumblr links but eventually I’ll stick them up for download- likely tomorrow! Will update when I do.


1. Defying Gravity

2. Brave

3. Love for Sale/Roxanne

4. Both Sides Now

5. Still I Can’t Be Still

6. God Save My Soul

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Idina Menzel,
Radio City 6-16-14


Since everyone is loving all these audios (thanks for all the messages and hiii all you new followers)…

Here’s Idina’s fake Tony Acceptance Speech.. complete with the band playing Carole King as her entrance song and her using a band member’s beer bottle as her Tony award. She went right into Always Starting Over after this speech.

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Idina Menzel @ Radio City Music Hall on June 16, 2014.

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It’s funny when a song is so well-written… the lyrics are just sort of like a fine wine- they just keep getting better and better and now this song just speaks to me in a whole other way.
-Idina Menzel on Joni Mitchells’s “Both Sides Now”, Radio City Music Hall (via wickedlycaskett)

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